Directors Update George Gittoes 17/7/19

Yesterday I joined a gathering of parents who have lost children to gun violence, outside St Sabina Cathedral, Sth Side Chicago. They were doing a press conference to protest that only 9% of cases have been solved with the murderers of their children brought to justice. Nine out of ten families have never seen justice. Where else in the world is there this kind of failure rate for capturing murderers?  The killers are all still out there encouraged by their freedom from punishment to go on killing.

Alan, the father of Kaylyn, and Albert who lost three sons, were both there. Each parent had to come before the news cameras and tell their story. Alan and Albert are not public speakers and were comforted to have me there at their back as we have done so many interviews together for our Documentary White Light.  We have come to know most of the many other parents and families present but these were only a small proportion of those still suffering loss.  My friend Pastor Mike Pfleger had organised the protest and was working like a traffic safety officer to keep people from stepping backwards into fast moving traffic. The good shepherd that he is.  We smiled and hugged a few times and I told him as I have many times before that I have infinite admiration for the tireless work he is doing.  My GUNS KILL sign was a welcome addition to the scene.

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